Art Guy Creative Financial Advisor Websites
Art Guy Creative Financial Advisor Websites

Consultation Page

What do you want your site to accomplish?
Pre-sell your services?
Get prospective clients to contact you or book a consultation?

Do you already have a website?
What do you like about it? Don’t like?
Are you getting leads from it?

Do you have any idea of the scope of the site?
#pages, HTML site, wordpress site, blog?

What functionalities do you want?
See this blog post “How much should you pay for a quality website?” (open in a new window)

What’s your budget?
Above $4000/below $4000

What style of website would appeal to you?
Highly visual?
Talk about unconscious branding - Purchase decisions are often made through the unconscious mind, based on feelings and emotions used in visual design

Who is your target client?
Business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, women, families?

What’s your time frame?

Do you have a brand?
If no, what’s your budget? $500, $1000, $1500?

We develop creative websites for the financial industry. Our sites have 2 advantages:
They are visually appealing to your target clients
They appear high in the search results (6-18 months after going live depending on competition in your geographic location).

Five years ago only 9% of investors went to the Internet to find their financial advisor.
Today that percentage is closer to 40%. Forty percent of investors are seeking a financial advisor on the Internet.
Furthermore, 95% of Internet searchers do not go beyond page one of the search results to find what they are looking for.
If your site is designed with search engine optimization in mind, you stand a good chance of appearing high in the search results within 6-18 months of going live with your new website depending upon competition in your geographic area.

Go to Google:
Search for “financial advisor long beach”
investment advisor white marsh Maryland

How much is responsive design worth? $1000
How much is seo worth? $1000

You can’t do a 5 page website and get a benefit from it!
You must:
Have a deep website with separate pages for each service you offer
Have multiple Call To Action visuals to move your clients to action
Search engine optimization to bring visitors to your website
Blog – each blog post creates valuable links to your services pages within your website

With a beautiful branded website, you’ll have confidence to go after affluent clients.


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